Baggage explores the Seven Deadly Sins through a series of art works using bags to describe and suggest meaning. The large double sided case is Covet and uses the image of the typical country landscape which is the same both sides but has moveable elements so the viewer can create their own vision and how they want it to be. Gluttony is described by the giant satin bag made from imagery derive from human intestines and stomach, allowing the size of the piece to suggest over indulgence and importance to food and our relationship to it. Sloth uses 2 sleeping bags which are both beautiful but also describe slovenly behaviour through the imagery printed onto the fabric. Envy looks at the same bag that is decorated with different flowers each time and photographed to suggest all are equally appealing but one is never satisfied with something and seek to have the next thing.
This collection of work uses contemporary issues and themes that link with the seven deadly sins exploring how they are relevant in society today.


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