Kate Sully


Kate sully is a visual mixed media artist, facilitator and lecturer based in Sheffield. Her practice began with a Ceramics degree where she explored clay as a material to describe themes and ideas rather than create permanent ceramic pieces, her final show involved numerous life size un fired clay figures exploring the Egyptian notion of the Book of the dead.

This approach has continued through Kate’s work to always be exploring materials and techniques to marry up the ideas with the process and final product. After completing the degree course Kate went on to a two year part time M.A in Fine Art and combined study with paid work to fund her practice and studio out of college. Kate began creating both sculptural and wall based pieces often using and manipulating found images to tell a new story. The final exhibition consisted of huge wall pieces using colour photocopies which when joined together created the image.


As Kate has often wanted to explore new materials/processes she has been successful on numerous occasions to get sponsorship from the business sector. Canon sponsored the M.A work and far beyond allowing her to generate a huge amount of photographic/copy work and then in more recent years as Kate began to develop into digitally printed textiles, Service graphics have been supporting the production of her work for many years.
This sponsorship and the desire to use a range of media to explore her ideas has allowed Kate to develop her own innovative techniques of integrating digitally printed textiles with other media resulting in a huge body of 2D and 3D work.


Kate has exhibited her work both regionally and nationally and secured Arts council funding to realise a number of these projects.
Kate’s work is often large scale, challenging but always rich and colourful exploring similar themes about the world around us, the struggle between the forces of nature and our impact upon both positive and negative which if not acknowledged and respected may spin hazardously out of control. Through the use of familiar objects and forms Kate can transform and infiltrate what we think we already know with new ideas to both challenge and engage us to experience a new more contemporary story that unfolds from her work.


Recent work has been using the fashion of home baking and decoration to create pieces inspired by paper doilies and cookie cutters. Kate has been artist in residence as part of AA2A (Artist access to Art Colleges) at Chesterfield college and printed part of a collection of pieces exploring how we often see the world as a decoration to enjoy and often out interventions are damaging. By taking cutter shaped pieces from the world they suggest this damage and Kate will be developing these ideas further to create giant petri style sculptures where the pieces of the planet may try and grow…